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Niagara Region Rebar Specialists

We can supply rebar in a variety of sizes, shapes and coatings to suit your job requirements. Rebar grades and coatings are available in black, epoxy, stainless steel.


We Also stock rebar in 10M and 15M coils


Stock Rebar

Black Epoxy
10M 10M
15M 15M
20M 20M
25M *25M
*30M *30M
*35M *35M
*45M *45M
*55M *55M

*Various sizes, coating and grades available upon request.

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) / Mesh /Reinforcement (WWR)

Reduce Your Labour Costs with Welded Wire Fabric

Welded wire fabric / mesh / reinforcement reduces construction labour costs by eliminating the need to tie individual rebar on the job site. Placing time can also be reduced significantly. Contact Us to discuss your project and see whether welded wire fabric / mesh / reinforcement can reduce your project labour costs, help you keep your project on schedule or both!

We stock 8X20 sheets    4x4x4/4  and  6x6x6/6 mesh


We supply to construction companies, forming contractors, precasters and masonry companies.